Lenwë: Unharmed and Dangerous

We have heard some rumours that a fishing town has had some disappearances and is in a spot of bother, so we make the couple of day journey there to offer our services. We learn that whole boats have gone missing, along with their crews, with only a little wreckage found. Along with that, the catches have been diminishing rapidly, to the point where the livelihood of the town is in peril. We offer our help to find out what is going on and are told we would be rewarded should we get to the bottom of the mystery and return life to normal.

We head on out on the road to a beach to the south where the few bits of wreckage have been spotted, to do some investigation work. Before we get there we are interrupted by a boar breaking through some tall grass. It was being chased by something, so we prepare ourselves for what is coming, and it is not long before we see breaking from the grass a strange-looking creature: it has the head of an owl and the body of a bear! Even though it was just chasing wildlife, the primitive recognition in its eyes saw more of a meal in us than the boar that was out of its reach, so we defended ourselves. A quick shot from the Ninja pricked at it, and the Fighter had a swing. Hitting something vital on the bear-owl with his two-handed weapon, he dropped the creature pretty much before it had taken two steps towards him. Bear-owls are perhaps not as threatening as we supposed from their looks.

The beach to the south was reached with no further disturbances, and we see some planks of wreckage that had been warped, and some dead fish. Following a trail of clues we are led to find mounds of more dead fish, more wreckage, and a dead sea creature. We soon find a cave that it must have been heading to before it collapsed, and we go in to investigate. We don't get far before three more of these sea creatures ambush us. But our Ninja is too quick, and with plenty of stabbing kills one of them, whilst the Fighter, flush with his earlier prowess, decides simply to swing his sword around, looking impressive but hitting nothing. The second drops once the Fighter stops showing off, but it is up to me to rip the heart out of the last one with my bare hands and show it to him before he dies. It wasn't the most peaceful of resolutions, but it was sort of diplomatic.

All in all, not one of us has suffered an injury yet. It looks like this adventure will go smoothly!

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