The Easy Way to Remove a Spell

Delving further in to the cave system, hoping to find out more about the missing ships and where the crews and cargo are, we tread down some winding corridors, all of them at least a few inches deep with water. At the end of one corridor we find a couple of rooms, inside one of which are some undead monsters that threaten to dismember us. Our Cleric steps boldly in and calls upon the light of her god to turn them from her. Such is her power that three of the lesser undead turn to dust, and the remaining one begins to flee. Not really wanting it to come back when we least expect it, we give chase, but it finds its way down a narrow corridor and we cannot catch it up enough to stop it from staying ahead of us.

Our Conjurer comes up with an idea, and casts Web. This entangles the undead monster, and all he can do is try in vain to run away, but being entangled it remains stationary in the sticky strands of silk. It doesn't take long to kill it, removing its blight from the land. Once that has been achieved, we work out where we are going next, stuck with a web in front of us. The Conjurer helpfully lets us know that the web will last for around forty minutes, or we can burn our way through it with torches, but that perhaps it would be best to keep the web there to prevent anything from sneaking up to us whilst we go off to explore a different fork in the cave's corridor system. This last suggestion seems to make sense, so we head back and work our way down another fork. Not finding much there we come back to the webbed section of the corridor, and ponder once more what to do about it.

None of us wants to hang around for the spell to dissipate, and the Conjurer is still keen to burn the web, although we would have to light torches and burn each 5' section in turn. It's not much work though, so we start to get torches out of our backpacks to start the process. It's at this point, after a fair bit of faffing around, that the Conjurer suddenly remembers the arcane power he wields, and clicks his fingers to dispell the web instantly. Well, I suppose that's better than forgetting how to cast spells.

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