Stumble and Fall

The Drow outpost under the city is cleared, after taking care of the last few guards and finding some kidnapped citizens. We return to the duke and offer to travel to the Drow land to find the rest of his people. A few days later we are on a mountainside, approaching some caves that we believe are the entrance to the Drow's underground complex. We get closer using our customary stealth tactics, and so are seen from far enough away to be caught by surprise by various Drow guards. One group of three Drow are kept busy by the Ninja just plain getting himself in the way of everyone, whilst the other group of three are approaching us from 100 feet away, hand crossbows at the ready.

Grot decides to remove the threat of the second Drow group, and charges towards them, greatsword raised, ready to strike down upon his foes. Charging along the side of a sloping mountain face, with sections of scree, proved to be a little difficult for the not-so-nimble Half-Orc and he stumbles and slips the moment he sets off. That's what happens on a Balance check of 1. Nevertheless, losing his balance worked out quite well, because rather than hitting a table, as he did in the outpost, his greatsword haphazardly cleaved off one Drow's head as Grot waved his arms around trying to stay upright.

One down, two to go.

Not to be out-done in the fumbling stakes, our new member of the party showed us how well he was going to fit in. Rescued as one of the captives in the Drow outpost previously, we met the acquaintance of Garrick, an Elven Archer, keen to help fight against the Drow. He was welcomed in to the party, knowing that the true aim of a good archer would be a good addition to our firepower. In hindsight, we probably should have asked to see him shoot his bow a few times before inviting him along. He nocks an arrow, pulls back the drawstring, and lets fly! The drawstring flies forwards with some power, but, sadly, the natural 1 on the attack roll meant that the drawstring and arrow had parted company without him realising, and the arrow falls at his feet, some way short of the Drow. Looking sheepish, he picks it up and tries again. This time, the arrow flies away from the bow, and connects solidly with another Drow, dropping him as he advances on us.

Two down, one to go.

The Drow reacts to his fellows being killed, taking hasty aim with his hand crossbow, and shooting Grot in the thigh. It is not much of a wound, but Grot's immune system is overcome by a poison smeared on the arrowhead. He groggily falls to the floor, dozing off. As the lone remaining Drow of that group starts to reload, our Mage assesses the situation. Trying to work out the threat posed he asks, 'Which Drow shot Grot?' Ah, you have to love these high Int characters. While the Mage tries to work out this little conundrum, the Archer drops the last Drow with another couple of arrows.

We prepare to enter the cave system.

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