Gaze Attack!

Heading in to the Drow complex in our attempt to save the townsfolk, Grot heads forward to put his Darkvision to use when the cave tunnel we are wandering down widens. He has a look around the small cave but fails to see anything, but he gets an odd sensation of dread fill him. He pulls out his magical Greatsword to light the whole area for us all to see, and we are faced with an eight-legged monster, chained to one wall of the cave. We enter battle.

None of us have encountered something like this before, so we call on Gimp to try to recall anything he may have read about something like this. As he is 'guarding the rear' yet again, Gimp doesn't have any sort of view of the monster, and doesn't seem keen to take a glimpse either, so our Cleric shouts back a brief description for him to work on. Hearing this description Gimp believes that what we are dealing with is a Basilisk, feared for its gaze attack that can turn people in to stone! He calls out to us about this and that we should avert our gaze from it, lest the worse happen.

We continue attacking it, concentrating on looking at its body and trying not to look in to its eyes, and within a few more seconds Gimp comes from his rear-guard position to try to help out himself. On rounding the corner and seeing the monster in the flesh, he sees more details of the creature and again assesses what it could be. 'That's not a basilisk', he says, on rolling a natural 1, 'that's a Gecko with delusions of grandeur.'

Sadly, our Ninja must have failed a Wisdom check and believed the Mage's revised opinion, as he stared right back at the basilisk when it looked at him, and the inevitable happened. Still, the party now has a nice art nouveau statue, until we can find a Break Enchantment spell somewhere.

3 Responses to “Gaze Attack!”

  1. Wild Ninja Says:

    Actually, Gimp took so long to be able to make a knowledge check on the creature that I had to make 2 saves before I even knew to avert my eyes. If I hadn't critted the bugger he would never have targeted me - damn me and my superb melee skills.

  2. Elf Says:

    Wait, that 11 points of damage was a critical hit? Grot has caused more damage when he has swung and missed.

  3. Almighty Says:

    I'm sure there will be a Break Enchantment scroll for sale back in Madradur. Or you could always ask the mind flayers if they have one you can borrow.