Don't Argue With the DM

We had to leave our poor Ninja petrified last week, not having any means to turn him back to flesh. Pressing on, we soon realised how much we needed him: I found a secret door, avoided the trap, and scouted ahead. Yep, we didn't need him at all. Nevertheless, after we killed some Hobgoblins and recovered a scroll of Remove Enchantment I was first to point out that we should go back downstairs and get the Ninja back in the party proper, rather than just using him to wipe the mud off our boots.

The scroll was a fortuitous find indeed, particularly as the Mage had earlier said that that would be the best way we could undo the petrification effect of the Basilisk. As we started heading down, though, the Mage started having second thoughts. He pondered over the scroll and the spell upon it, calling on some strange knowledge of Divine magic, and started to have doubts about its effectiveness on removing the petrification. 'I'm not sure the Basilisk cast a spell or used a supernatural effect. Moreover, I believe the efficacy of the spell is not guaranteed on petrification. I am almost sure that we would need a Stone-to-Flesh spell instead', spake he.

As if his words of doubt were heard from above, the characters on the scroll shifted before his eyes. Lo, they had transformed themselves in to a Stone-to-Flesh spell! 'Ah, now this would certainly bring our Ninja back from his stony slumber. Of course, this transformation is quite a shock to the system, and with his standard constitution I would imagine he would have only a 55% chance of returning to flesh and blood without dying. Nevertheless, it is a risk I am sure he would be willing to take, instead of remaining something Grot hangs his cloak on at night.

'Ah, but wait: this spell is higher than I am normally able to cast. I would not be able to cast this without a 15% chance of failure, and should I somehow manage to fail that there is a further 10% chance that something bad would happen to me as a result. That's less than a 2% chance of something happening to me! Hmm, as much as I would clearly like to take this risk, I have distracted myself by asking what an Arcane spell is doing on a Divine scroll. Surely this isn't possible.'

Again, as if his words were heard from above the characters on the scroll change once more. We are left with a scroll with Bull's Strength on it. This time it doesn't take quite so long to realise that we cannot use that spell to revive the Ninja, risk or otherwise. We turn around and head back up the stairs.

4 Responses to “Don't Argue With the DM”

  1. Grot Says:

    Well, with the Bull's Strength we may well be able to lift the statue and get it back to town. So not all doom and gloom!

  2. Elf Says:

    I still say we take a chisel to him and we carry a limb each, with Grot taking the torso. A quick Mend in town and Elrohir will be none the wiser.

  3. ??? Says:

    Maybe if you argue a bit more you can get a wish scroll.

  4. Grot Says:

    What a "Wish we didn't have a mage" scroll (usable by all classes except mages)?... oh please please Father Christmas... just this once give me something really good for Christmas!