Welcome to 5th-and-a-half Level

At the end of the session, we ask the DM for the XP we earned, keen to see if we go up a level this week. We were close last week, needing less than 1,000 after that week's XP was awarded. The DM asked how much we were on and what we needed to go up, to see if he would be giving us some good news, so a couple of us told him.

'Um, you say we're on 15,000-odd? And that we need less than 1,000 to go up?' I ask, starting to flip through my PHB. 'We're all ready at 6th level, dammit! We should have gone up last week!'

That's the last time I listen to these monkeys when trying to work out if we've gone up a level. I can't believe I trust them with my Monk's increasingly-fragile life.

One Response to “Welcome to 5th-and-a-half Level”

  1. Grot Says:

    Get off ya fat hairy arse and look it up yourself next time.........
    What do you expect from a barbarian......*winks*