When All You Have is a Grenade...

The way that they were discussing plans you would be forgiven in thinking that the party were trying to break in to the vault of Blackrock Depths, and not bypass a single, bored guard who had a bell in case he needed to raise the alarm. Still, the possible solutions all provided some level of entertainment. Because of the Tinker in the party, the best all involved explosives.

Tizgot explained his most direct route to disabling the bell. His idea was to use a professional alarm bell defuser, which looked suspiciously like a grenade, with the added benefit that the guard would also probably not be able to use the bell should it somehow not be disabled completely.

Some members of the party argued that the sound of this 'defuser' would surely alert the miners in the Gold Coast Quarry, something they were explicitly trying to avoid doing. 'Ah', explained Tizgot, 'but the noise of the defuser is more of a bang than a ring, so anyone who would be alerted a bell would pay no mind to the gre-, I mean, defuser's explosion.'

With two rogues in the party this defusing plan was not tried, opting instead for a more stealthy approach, so whether or not this conjecture was true is not known.

Considering what happened the following day it is probably a good thing the plan was not attempted. When the party was confronted by a malfunctioning harvest golem, on their way back through Westfall to Sentinel Hill, Tizgot was quick to prepare the same grenade, with interesting results.

He stepped forwards, such that he stood directly between two of the party's melee fighters, giving him a clear path to throw the grenade, and set the fuse. Well, he didn't so much set the fuse as short-circuit it (on a roll of natural 1 for the Use Tech. Device check), and all three were caught in a brief explosion, leaving them with a few bleeding gashes.

It's just unfortunate that the harvest golem was not sentient, as any being capable of rational thought seeing a goblin tinker blow up himself and two allies by mistake would turn and run away. Or sit back and watch the fireworks. Either way, it wouldn't want to close in to melee range to attack. But, sadly for the party, that's what the harvest golem did. It was left to see who would prevail.

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