Where Do These Stairs Go?

'Okay chaps, we're inside the building now. Let's have a quick search to find the way ahead.'

'There are some stairs out here.'

'Which way do they go?'

'Down. We were on the roof before climbing through the window. How could the stairs go up?'

' ... They could go to the loft.'

'So you were on the roof and think you can climb up stairs to the loft?'

[sound effect of a D20 being bounced off a player's head]

4 Responses to “Where Do These Stairs Go?”

  1. Jacob Haller Says:

    They don't go anywhere. They stay where they are.

  2. Elf Says:

    The stairs could be a mimic.

    I wish I'd thought of that earlier.

  3. Dase Says:

    Oh piss off...
    So I have trouble with stairs and listening for noises... your problem's what?

  4. Happy bomber Says:

    Hitting stuff was also a bit tricksy for you last night as I recall.