Hang on Lads, I've Got a Great Idea.

The adventuring party deep in the Deadmines defeats some goblin smelters, although quite how they managed this is still a mystery, after a 2D6 bomb does 2 points of damage, a holy smite attack from the paladin doing D8 + D6 damage also deals 2 points of damage, and a Lesser Immolate spell from the warlock hits for 1 point of damage, all in the same round. One good point about the fight was that Dase finally managed to trip someone! Sure, it was the Paladin in his party, when the Paladin tried to stop Dase from cutting down a badly-wounded and fleeing goblin, but the trip attack was still successful.

And so the goblins were defeated. After looting the bodies the party had some choices of where to head next. They poked their heads through one set of large doors and were impressed by the sight of a docked ship in a huge cavern this far down in some mines, but felt they had to at least see what was off in the other direction before making a firm decision. Approaching another large set of doors, the Rogue listened at them and heard the sound of a mechanical blade being used to cut in to wood. This provoked a discussion about how to find out what was in the room and beyond, without running headlong in to a serious threat.

After some talk, Tizgot, the goblin Tinker, was to open the door and pop his head in to see what was happening, as a goblin would be likely to provoke less suspicion. His instructions were to 'open the door casually'. The sad part was the revelation that 'it's the only plan we've got'.

I look forward to the follow-up discussion, which is likely to start with 'You weren't supposed to blow the bloody doors off!'

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