That Was Your Plan? 'Get Him'?

Metrius, the party's paladin, has a dislike of the undead that is only matched by those in the Scarlet Crusade. Indeed, so keen is he to root out the threat of the Scourge and Forsaken that he Detects Undead whenever anything moving is spotted, and occasionally just on a hunch. Fleshripper birds, Harvest Golems, and a clump of Peacebloom have all been checked by Metrius to see if they have been undead, all without a single positive result.

It is amusing, therefore, that when a figure suddenly and silently appears behind the party he simply walks up to it and introduces himself. It took a good minute of interacting with the not-quite-all-there Dwarf before another party member prompted Metrius to Detect Undead. It was worth it though, as his little face lit up as much as the area did with undead auras.

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