Doom, Doom, Doom

Continuing the introduction prior to beginning the adventure proper, we are led further in to investigating an area rumoured to have been occupied by monstrous humanoids. Our captain fearlessly leads from the front, striding down dark corridors, through decaying rooms, and right in to a spider's web. This leadership is vital to our survival, though only because we get to understand how the healing aspect of the system works through his being pierced by javelins, poisoned by a spider, and beaten to death by an undead abomination. Perhaps he shouldn't have chosen the 'bullseye' shield design that seemed to draw most of the enemies' fire.

My Thief is not much of a fighter, particularly when compared to the others in the party who were striking heavy blows to our foes. Even so, I made good use of my performing skills to demoralise the enemy. I played a song of doom, shaking our opponents in to a less competent state. I had to point out my contribution to the battle afterwards. 'My 'Doom' song worked really well, as they didn't manage to hit us after I sang it!'

'Did they even get another atta-'


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