It's a <rolls D20> ...pleasure to meet you!

The current session of Iron Heroes is going quite well. We've survived a couple of encounters, explored a strange relic of an old civilisation, and found some loot that will help with our mission of subterfuge. As the tension grows with the excitement we must eat more crisps with dip! Bert reaches behind him, where the small stack of bags is, and starts pulling a large bag of crisps back with him when disaster strikes! His dropper-mentality kicks in and he knocks over a vase of flowers, spilling them and the large amount of water in the vase everywhere. And 'everywhere' includes the host's Freeview box.

Being gamers, we are used to being in high-pressure situations, dealing with the unexpected. As Bert fumbles around with some towels trying to soak up all the spilt water and Appo rescues his electronics, the rest of us wonder if we should be doing anything to help.

'We could perform the 'aid another' action', suggests Barry, quite wisely, we think. He rolls the D20 for the check and, unfortunately, rolls a natural 1. Whilst that may not be an automatic failure we clearly don't have enough ranks in 'domesticity' for it to succeed in aiding the clearing up of a spilt vase. Instead, we sit around watching and waiting for the excitement to die down so that Bert can open the bag of crisps.

The next session will see us on a mission to investigate what a vase of flowers is doing in a gamer's house.

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