How to Succeed at Dice Rolling

A band of heroic adventurers, including my warlock self, had banded together to defeat the evil forces with the Tempest Keep structure known as the Mechanar. We were merrily defeating wave after wave of unsuspecting evil, when one of the baddies dropped a pattern that detailed how a tailor could make some Arcanoweave Boots. This is quite a find! The pattern itself binds to the person who picks it up (until they are dead, it at least seems), and anyone who isn't a tailor is unaware of any significance of what appear to them to be mere scribblings on the parchment. Only tailors have a chance of seeing and picking up the pattern.

What luck! I am a tailor, and the pattern is one I don't know. It's also quite a high-level pattern, which would allow my skill to increase with every pair of boots bade. On top of that, the materials needed to make the boots are less onerous to acquire than other patterns of a similar level that I know. Oh, for the pattern to drop is a happy occurrence indeed! But wait, there is another tailor in the party, and so our dice clatter across the polished floor in a mighty battle that is reminiscent of the times I fought Ragnaros in Molten Core! And just as Ragnaros handed me back my scorched arse on more than one occasion, I lost the dice roll. The excellent tailoring pattern went to the shadow priest.

Ah well! I'm not going to get bent out of shape over that, as it was a chance happening anyway, and my ally will make good use of the pattern himself. Besides, we are making good progress through the Mechanar, and are working well as a team. Onwards, we continue.

But what is this? Another pattern for Arcanoweave Boots, mere two groups of enemies later? Yes, yes it is! Truly I have not seen such fortuitous circumstances, for now surely the pattern will be in my grasp for me to commit to memory at once! Hold, sounds our holy priest, for he too is a tailor. Apparently a rather absent-minded one, as he didn't contest the dice roll for the previous pattern. This time he is awake, and he must be a tailor for he too sees the sense made out of the writings. Another epic dice roll, reminding me of when I ascended to the top of Blackrock Mountain and fought Nefarian himself! Again, I am reminded of such a battle because Nefarian used to chew me up and spit me out like a gristly dwarf, just as the holy priest's dice beat the crap out of my shoddy pair. I need to get better dice.

Ah well! It was rare indeed to see two such patterns drop, so close together as well. That in itself is remarkable enough to brighten my day, to foster hope for the future, as much as beating blood elves in to bloody pulp. And there are more blood elves left in the Mechanar for me to take out my clearly non-existing frustrations on, so onwards!

Would you believe it? ANOTHER pattern for the Arcanoweave Boots drops! I kid you not, a third identical pattern is found on another corpse mere minutes later. I draw a deep breath, hoping that neither the mail-wearing hunter nor the plate-wearing warrior are interested in the cloth armour-producing tailoring pattern. My dice roll across the floor, and... well, no one is paying attention, as they are off fighting more blood elves whilst I alone am rolling dice. On the positive side, it meant that the pattern was mine. Huzzah!

And just to reinforce the Arcanoweave motif of the Mechanar, the blood elf head honcho that we despatched at the end of the dungeon had a pattern for the Arcanoweave Robe on his burnt, face-melted and dismembered corpse. The holy priest walked away with that pattern, although it was clearly a good day for every tailor in the Mechanar.

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