Orc or Death?

The Netherwing drakes are being abused by the Dragonmaw orcs. As a brave adventurer, you are tasked with infiltrating the Dragonmaw orcs and subverting their cause from the inside. Superficially, it looks like you are assisting the orcs, but you are continually working to disrupt operations and work against them. To help with this task, a powerful glamer is cast upon you, so that whenever you are in the proximity of Netherwing Ledge in Shadowmoon Valley you are transformed to appear as a Dragonmaw orc, and your mount appears as a riding drake that they have enslaved.

Performing tasks for the orc warlord or your goblin ally, you gain reputation with the Netherwing faction, and your position with the Dragonmaw increases. Starting out as a grunt, you can work your way up to lieutenant, captain, and beyond, until you reach the highest level in the clan. At this point, the general calls Lord Illidan to appear to recognise your efforts for the Dragonmaw. But Illidan isn't as weak-minded as the orcs, and he sees through your disguise. He removes it in front of the orc, showing your true form, and threatens to punish the general and yourself. Luckily, your Netherwing friends help you escape before your punishment is meted out.

One such fellow human managed to rise to the highest rank with the Dragonmaw yesterday. I have been infiltrating the Dragonmaw myself, as have many others, and looked on with others as this fellow was faced by Illidan himself. The general proclaimed this fake orc their hero and Illidan revealed the human as an imposter to the orcs. At witnessing this, one onlooker shouted for this fellow to 'RUN!' once he was uncovered.

'Surely you mean 'kill the imposter!'?' I enquired. 'After all, we're all orcs here, aren't we?' This was met with an embarrassed mumble. 'There are no humans here... are there?'

At that point, most onlookers shuffled back to their daily subversive tasks, and left the human in front of Illidan to fend for himself.

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