Beclawed Snakes and Bear-Humans

Our investigations in to the brutal killing of the councillor begin at his home, where his body was found dead in his bed, his throat ripped out. It looks like some kind of beast bit the councillor's throat out violently. A keen search of the room also shows some claw marks leading from the bed to the window, also suggesting some kind of beast, but with the windows closely barred there is certainly a mystery here.

We interview the butler, to find out habits and the circumstance surrounding the councillor's actions the previous evening. Learning of the presence of another servant in the councillor's home that was present the previous evening, and already knowing that the councilllor was a lech of a man, Dexter tries to glean some more information. 'What was the maid servant's relationship to the councillor?', he asks.

Ann-See leans in, 'She was his maid servant'.

Apart from easily-overlooked details like that, we also learnt that the councillor was at the theatre the previous night. This is no big surprise, with him being a patron of the theatre. The mystery of the situation, as well as other facts surrounding his death, prompt us to recall what acts are currently playing, in case someone, or something, there could be a suspect. With both myself and Dexter occasionally playing on the bill, we remember the current acts, with one of them being a scantily-clad woman dancing on stage wrapped in a live snake.

'A snake?', enquires Tal, 'I wonder if it is possible that a snake could have caused such a wound to the councillor's throat'.

The DM starts to ponder on what sort of skills we would need to be able to discern different animal bites, when Dexter interjects. 'It may well be possible for the bite to have been caused by a snake, but I am guessing that a snake didn't make the claw marks we found on the floor.' Mmm, good point.

We are still none-the-wiser about what sort of beastie could have got in through a first floor barred window to eat someone's throat when we investigate the grounds outside the bedroom window.

'My keen senses note that there is the presence of a bear-human footprint in the ground over here.'

'A bear-human?! What an abomination!'

'No, wait, my keen senses are being told that it was, in fact, a bare human footprint. As in, undressed.'


We live in ignorance.

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