The Great Egg Hunt

The netherwing drake mounts became available some time back in the Outlands, and are large, cool-looking dragons that you can fly around on. To get one of them you need to prove your dedication to freeing their race from the Dragonmaw Orcs, and you can achieve this through performing various tasks that promote the eventual freedom of the drakes. One of these tasks is to locate any netherwing eggs and return them to a double-agent goblin working for the netherwing within the Dragonmaw camp. These eggs are rare to find, cropping up randomly in the wild, and are much sought after by anyone wishing to ingratiate themselves to the drakes. An egg that is discovered is normally harvested quickly.

It was unusual, therefore, to see an egg that had players gathered around it but still hadn't been picked up:

A hard-to-get netherwing egg

I am in the centre of the picture, orc-ified. The netherwing egg, out-gassing slightly, is sitting on the wooden platform just above and to the right of my orc-head. The other four orcs on drakes are all other characters in their own orc disguises, wondering just how to get that egg. They are wondering how to get the egg because those two large humanoid drakes with blue axes are elite warriors who can cut most mortals down in two or three blows of their weapons. Anyone getting close to the egg gets noticed before they can snatch the egg away.

Such a tantalising target! Never before have I witnessed such attention to an item that is impossible to get, such is the draw of reputation-bestowing egg. Everyone is so close, yet so far from the egg.

In the end, the two non-orcs on my right, with whom I used to raid and were teamed together, had a winning plan. One caught the attention of the two guards, pulling them away from the egg whilst his partner harvested it. Teamwork wins the day!

4 Responses to “The Great Egg Hunt”

  1. Sean Says:

    Thanks for the link friend, I have added you to my blogroll as well.


  2. Elf Says:

    It's always a pleasure to read more adventures.

  3. Sean Says:

    Me again...hehe, I wondered how people got those the other day when I first made my way back into the outlands...puts a new meaning to the phrase, easter egg hunt....

  4. Netherwing Farmer Says:

    I still take all my characters to go through netherwing and get the mounts. It's interesting that nowadays you don't see as many of these mounts around so the coolness factor is definitely there. Usually I spend my time either flying around the fortress looking for random egg spawns, or farming and questing in the mines.