Cultural Learnings

Travelling with the general, we make it to the capital of Borat. Is nice. Apart from being a police state and recently suffering from a spate of nighttime murders, that is. After giving our evidence about the riot in Copperdell we are approached by the rulers of the state to help investigate the murders. As we have some evidence that the Red Hand Gang are operating in the city, possibly with some Gloom-like creatures that we have read referred to as 'Marrowbreakers', this gives us a good cause to hang around and investigate whilst performing a good deed.

Putting on our collective brown mac, puffing on a large cigar, and adopting a gruff accent we head to the latest murder scenes. Our first rule of murder investigations is to remember to keep one seemingly-trivial question back until just as we're walking out the door. That way we can turn around at the last second and ask, 'Just one more thing, sir...'. Most of our questions are answered by the dead bodies, however. Dexter's keen medical examination of one shows that the limbs were crushed quite easily, and all the wounds were made not by weapons. Moreover, a close look reveals that the very marrow of the bones was eaten. It looks like we have a solid lead! No suspicions of snakes leaving claw marks here, no sir.

To both protect the citizens of Borat and hopefully to find what the Red Hand Gang are up to we decide to lay a trap to catch and kill one of the Marrowbreakers, for our investigations revealed there are at least two on the loose. As the murders happen at night, are centred on a particular area, and we know the escape route of the beasts we have a good chance of luring one. But to guarantee it we need some bait. The best bait would be some living animal with chunky marrowbone to eat in to, but expendable. Sadly, Tal is now conscious, having recovered from his ability drain from the fight with the Gloom, so we have to make do with a goat.

The plan works, and the Marrowbreaker is ensnared by the goat during the night. We spring in to action and try to defeat it. But it senses that it is outnumbered and threatened and fights its way to escape. The guards we posted along its escape route witness its movements but, wisely, do not engage it and are unable to follow. Whilst we are not strictly closer to preventing the plans of the Red Hand Gang, we have prevented at least one murder during the night, seen what we are fighting, and confirmed the evidence of our investigations. We are making good progress so far. High five!

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