Ranger vs. Corpse

We interrupt some goblins who are digging for treasure, an application of their time we later find out to be like most nine-to-five jobs as it is a task given by their boss merely to keep them occupied. We manage to find this out after neither finding no treasure in the room nor any sign of treasure in the many pits that have been dug. We do our bit for archeology, though, by leaving some future goblin skeletons to be unearthed at some point.

Leaving the room by the same door in which we entered we head back down the corridor a short way and turn down a set of stairs as yet unexplored by us. A gloomy, unlit room looms ahead, so for illumination I conjure up some Light. The sudden appearance of the bright light startles and scatters several squeaking critters, and it is not long before our presence causes a number or large rats to become aggressive towards us.

It is only at this point we notice our ranger is not with the rest of the group. With our headcount still at five we are surprised to find one of the goblin corpses being dragged along in the ranger's place. At that moment the ranger appears at the top of the stairs. 'Hey, you left me in the room looking for treasure.'

'Uh, yeah, we hadn't noticed. We have this goblin corpse instead and he's doing a pretty good job so far.'

'Are you insinuating that a dead goblin is more useful than me?'

'Let's find out. Goblin corpse, attack that rat!'

'See? He didn't attack it.'

'Sure, he didn't attack, but neither did he complain about it. That's a 50% improvement.' Sadly, we lose our beloved new goblin corpse party member as quickly as he joined, dragged away as a meal by a rat. We wish him all the best in his new role. In other news, we welcome back Adran the Elven ranger to the party after his short hiatus.

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