Sapphire's Choice

Having made the journey to the Outlands it would be foolish not to risk travelling the road to Shattrath City, where I can set my hearthstone to take advantage of portals to every capital city in Azeroth, particularly when I have recently considered the utility of the decision to keep my home at the Exodar. With my hearthstone set in Shattrath City, I could still travel to the Exodar whenever my hearthstone could be used, but also to Ironforge, Stormwind City, or Darnassus.

I was planning only to ride to Shattrath City and set my hearthstone before jumping through the portal to Darnassus to get my swift frostsabre mount, but when I get to the city I think that perhaps I should choose my affiliation between the two factions, Aldor and Scryer. Being a Draenei, the Aldor is perhaps the natural choice, being Draenei themselves, but I have to consider other factors, like my professions and class. It is possible that the Scryers have access to more appropriate designs and formulae for jewelcrafting and enchanting that would suit my needs, or that the quartermaster has access to better armour and weapons than the Aldor equivalent. I at least owe it to myself to make enquiries before choosing arbitrarily based on race.

I head over to the Scryer's bank to see what the quartermaster can entice me with, once I gain enough reputation with the faction, but he won't talk to me. In fact, he's quite hostile. Perhaps I have come to the wrong man, and I need to talk to someone up on the Scryer's tier instead. Taking the lift up to there only makes matters worse, as two mechanical monstrosities attack me on sight and banish me from the city, turning me in to an exile only minutes after arriving! This is not the welcome I had hoped to receive in a sanctuary.

Tentatively wandering over to the Aldor bank instead, familiar Draenei faces smile back at me and are happy to talk to me, show me what they can offer, even allow access to my vault space. I don't understand what is happening. I was sure Knifey said he was able to walk in and discuss faction choice with both sides before needing to choose, but maybe I got confused. There is a quest to be introduced to the Sha'tar leader, so maybe I need to report my presence in the city before both factions will acknowledge me. It's worth a try.

A few minutes later, after having been shown around the Lower City and the lifts to both of the factions' tiers, I have been officially inducted in to the city and am given the choice of siding with one faction over the other, but still the Scryers won't talk to me. The only explanation I can think of is that they don't like me because I am a Draenei, which would fit with why the Aldor like me to start with. Neither faction appears in my reputation status, so I clearly haven't met them before, yet there is an apparent difference in the initial reputation status.

I could simply side with the Aldor. After all, they are my people and already friendly with me, but I would prefer more than the illusion of choice. Without direct access to the Scryer quartermaster's wares I have to ask around as to what he offers. I also ask which faction is best suited for a protection warrior. Luckily, it seems that there is little difference in designs and formulae offered, as well as equipment and inscriptions, although that is a little disappointing in itself. I talk with Khadgar again and make my choice: I will align with the Aldor.

Now I can see the reputation status of both factions, and the Scryer really hate me after my choice. Whilst it was awkward being treated with such hostility for no other apparent reason than being a Draenei, particularly as there was no explanation or indication as to why this was the case, the benefit of being on friendly terms with the Aldor initially will help speed up the process of gaining their favour. If only the lift weren't quite so high, as it makes me dizzy.

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