Slinking and Sliding

With the trap-induced cave-in dug out and behind us we head deeper in to the mine. It isn't long before we need to use our keen adventuring skills to determine the right path to take. With time being ever more critical, as there is an unholy aura threatening to corrupt our minds and bodies, we cannot afford to falter. We must choose correctly. I come up with plan. 'We'll go down the main exit.'

'Okay', responds the DM, and picking one of the tunnels that looks identical to the others to the rest of us contines, 'you head off this way'. My plan to get the DM to lead us in the right direction has apparently worked.

A little way down the tunnel we are approached by some miners looking distinctly unhealthy and not a little hostile. The deathly aura that occasionally pricks at our minds has clearly taken hold in these wretches, two of them to the point of becoming ghasts. We enter combat, but are careful to subdue the miners so their minds and bodies can be saved from the abomination writhing within.

Mid-way through the fracas our rogue attempts to position a foe to our advantage. 'I shall do this attack, which deals damage and lets me slide my target 4 squares. <rolls dice> I do this much damage and I'll slide him across here.'

'Okay, your damage drops him to the ground...'

'I choose to inflict non-lethal damage so that he's only knocked unconscious.'

'...and his unconscious and prone body leaves a bloody trail of rent flesh as you slide him 20 feet across the rough and jagged stone floor face-down.'

Sadly, not even a potion of curing can help this NPC, as he is bestowed with no healing surges.

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