Gnomesblight's Minion Abuse

Running around Howling Fjord as a death knight is a lot of fun. It is great to have a second chance of helping the Alliance, having turned my back on the Lich King, but old habits die hard, I suppose. When no one is looking I occasionally poke a squirrel in the eye, or pee when I'm swimming. Other times, people are simply offering too much temptation, albeit inadvertently.

I venture to the Isle of Spears where I find Kamagua, a settlement of The Kalu'ak walrus people. The warluses ask me to help them out with a few quests and I oblige. I also chat to some scurvy-looking scallawags who take me to their pirate camp, where I undertake a few quests of a more contumacious nature for them. One of these quests has me heading to Scallawag Point, where a rival gang of pirates has set anchor. I need to retrieve an item of value from the hold of their ship. 'Beware Abdul the Insane', I am told. Sure thing, chief.

Casually wandering in to Scallawag Point gets me all sorts of attention, but it turns out to be good in a way as the Kalu'ak walruses have asked me to cull the population of pirates to bring balance to nature, or something like that. They also gave me a horn that I could blow to summon one of their walrus men to help fight with me. That seems little bit excessive considering the wake of destruction I am leaving, but it was a lovely thought.

Having thinned the pirate herd sufficiently I head on to the ship to sneak below decks. As I creep up the gangplank I spy Abdul the Insane and it becomes clear why I should avoid him: he's a 73rd level elite mob. Sneaking around him proves impossible and standing my ground against him reckless, and I end up retreating a safe distance to heal my wounds. This quest seems rather difficult, particlarly as the friendly pirates didn't suggest I bring some help. I am scratching my head wondering if I am missing some secret trapdoor in to the ship's hold when I realise what else I am holding.

I head back to the ship's gangplank and pull out my Kalu'ak-summoning horn, giving it a good enough blast that a keen fighting walrus is soon by my side. 'Gnomesblight, you have summoned me! I feel honoured to be called to help defeat the pirate menace for my people.' Before he can notice all the dead pirates of a job already done I lead us up the gangplank. Abdul the Insane notices us again and attacks, with summoned walrus man leaping to my defence.

The Kalu'ak then realises what class of foe he is in combat with and calls for my aid, but I am already scooting along the deck and heading down in to the hold, my plan working as intended. 'You're doing a great job, I'll be right back.' The sounds of metal hitting walrus flesh continue as I quickly run in to the hold, retrieve the precious item, and return up the stairs. The look of relief on the Kalu'ak as I reappear tells its own story. I imagine the look of despair as I jump overboard to safety tells another story, but I don't get a chance to see it.

I return the artefact to the scurrilous rogues on the south of the island, then head to Kamagua in the north and let the Kalu'ak know how brave their warrior fought at Scallawag point before succumbing to his wounds. I give them back their horn and thank them for giving me such a helpful item.

4 Responses to “Gnomesblight's Minion Abuse”

  1. Zubon Says:


    Whenever you need a distraction, my grandmother used to say, throw a walrus at him.

  2. Rob Says:

    O ho, the boot is on the other foot now good sir! No longer can you mock me and my innovative sacrificing of bag-of-tricks creatures. At least mine were merely of animal intellect.

  3. Melmoth Says:

    I'm sure you've found out by now, but if you wait for Abdul to patrol on to the top deck of the boat, you can sneak past without him even noticing you.

    Sacrificing unsuspecting innocent walrus men sounds like more fun though, and is certainly more in-character for a death knight. Bravo!

  4. Elf Says:

    Sadly, I didn't appear to have the patience or wits to realise that an MMORPG mob walking in broad daylight would be rendered unable to see me should I happen to wait until he is ten feet further away from me, but it is good information for future characters, thanks! It will at least help me if I don't have another summoning horn from a different quest handy.

    And if anyone else suggests that what I did was similar to sending an innocent animal from a bag of tricks in to the path of a clay golem trap then I'll... uh, probably have to get involved in some retcon.