Recognising Excellence

The dragon that flew through the portal we finally are able to close doesn't disappear in to the distance to be forgotten until an epic confrontation much later but instead starts attacking the city directly. We probably ought to do something about that, if only because the brewery is in danger of being destroyed, much to Gruknal's alarm, so we dash off to the rescue.

On the way to where the dragon and its rider can be seen wreaking havoc we spy a small band of militia being attacked by some slimey monsters. Even though we could probably help the militia most of us consider a dragon to be a greater threat and choose to keep moving. Grimstorm holds back for a moment to try to offer a little tactical advice.

A perception check on the state of the militia's combat tells him that 'they aren't really working together as a team but as individuals', which is why they battle isn't progressing in their favour.

'Of course I recgonise that,' our shaman retorts, 'I've seen the same lack of strategy in every fight we've been in so far.' With this experience of noticing poor combat strategies Grimstorm is able to turn the fight around with a few quick orders barked towards the militia, a feat that only works this time because the militia are NPCs who will actually pay attention to him.

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