Dragon Balls and General's Pants

The dragon landed in the square outside the brewery is not quite as fearsome as we first suspect. On closer inspection, once we were able to convince our ranger to get closer, we note that the dragon is missing its lower jaw and is not looking in best health. Never the less, it is still a dragon and not to be underestimated. But when a certain druid in badger form manages to grab the dragon and hang on by its nuts the dragon is a little more reluctant to make any sudden moves, and the rest of the party close in for the kill.

'Oh you stupid dice. Actually, that may be enough: 26.'

'Against which defence?'


'Good choice, that's a hit!'

'It was more defined by the description of the power rather than a conscious choice, but thanks.' With easy hits like that the dragon is soon defeated, and Krafft comes back from being elsewhere to destroy the poo monster and all its little helpers, making it a fairly simple matter of weakening the dragon rider's defences enough to overwhelm our final foe.

With the combat finished the fire at the brewery can be brought under control, much to Gruknal's relief, and celebratory drinks are embibed. Whilst our dwarf friend can still move his legs we return to the city council to report on the threat to the city and our vanquishing of the threat.

As we describe the creatures we fought and the damage wreaked we feel it important to mention something the dragon rider shouted, Adran announcing that 'General Zack declared there to be an army beneath the city, readying to attack.'

Krafft looks perplexed, as he often does. 'How do we know his name, or that he is a general?'

'It was printed on a label inside his underpants.'

'Did you run back to the square just to read his underpants?!'


'And what are you stuffing hurriedly in to your backpack?'

'Nothing, and certainly not the general's pants.' Luckily for Adran there is an amassing army to distract us back to more important matters of business.

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