No News is Good For a Smack

Leaving the city council's audience Krafft is approached by a stranger urging his attention.

'I must speak to you, it is most important. There are grave matters afoot in the temple of the Raven Queen at the moment. With all the rumours and strange situations occurring the temple has also been affected, and some people think that it is neither coincidence nor idle gossip. I fear there is a possibility that the high priestess of the Raven Queen may be a doppelganger, like those already uncovered elsewhere and banished or killed. I have no proof of this yet, but when I return to the temple I shall investigate further and be sure to bring you any further news.'

''Further' news? Serf, I suggest that the next time you dare interrupt my afternoon you do not approach me with the promise of returning later with news, but wait until you have some in the first place.'


'That will be all, serf.' Apparently, the module doesn't offer suggestions for responses when players recognise completely vacuous statements.

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