The Ranger Hits

Losing our dwarf defender may mean restructuring the party somewhat, or our squishy strikers and leader may not complete the adventure. A small encounter is run to test a new party composition, although Adran is quite happy to continue his prowess as a hard-hitting ranger.

Fighting snowmen minions and icy constructs, Adran revels in his felling of one of the constructs, having hit it with a daily power for an almighty amount of damage in a single turn. Except it is my goliath warden striking the killing blow, with a critical hit. And Grimstorm, in his new form as an invoker, inflicted a critical hit on the construct before me. Indeed, as Lughar the bard also landed a solid blow on it, the whole party damaged the construct during the fight.

Adran's massive hit was certainly impressive, though.

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