Death by Misinterpretation

Another daily random heroic dungeon with Sapphire gets me in to the Halls of Stone. It has been a while since I have been in the Northrend dungeons, so I try to pay attention to any tactics used at bosses, even if most fights are reduced to simple tanking and spanking.

At one boss, the group leader mentions that there is an 'AoE attack that does damage based on your proximity to each other'. That's fine, I have been in enough fights before where we need to stick close together to lessen AoE damage, so I feel prepared.

But as I am hugging the tank, I get hit with a massive blast that knocks me down, missing half the fight. At the end, the leader exasperately states that he said 'to stay away from each other'. Well, actually he didn't, although I can see my ambiguous interpretation now.

There is no point arguing about it. I make a note of the importance of clear communication, and of asking for clarification, and we move on to clear the dungeon.

3 Responses to “Death by Misinterpretation”

  1. SmakenDahed Says:


    I love that boss for that. The number of times I've ended up tanking it alone with (or without a healer when ranged class hang about the healer) is pretty high.

    I do my best not to warn people about it. ;)

  2. Elf Says:

    I really should write these features down, so I don't get caught out the next time.

    Which I suppose I've done. Mission accomplished!

  3. Cootewards Says:

    I always find that trying to describe the 5man bosses in terms of similar raid bosses often help give a clear picture of any odd mechanics.

    So saying he's a mini Gruul, is normally enough to let people know not to stand too close together, and move apart when they start to slow down.

    I also find trying to not do the random daily with a PUG is also a huge advantage.