Or Maybe Just a Dolphin

Our fight with Baldran the demon continues, and it looks like it will last even longer when 'the brute on the floor lets out a wail'. It seems we have another monster to fight. And the brute hasn't finished, as it 'explodes in a burst of necrotic damage. The other brute, as part of the death wail, attacks you!'

It's no ordinary whale, it's a death whale! We wait excitedly to find out what its attacks are going to be.

Actually, we wait quite a long time. Adran strikes Baldran viciously with his next attack, scoring a critical hit. The supposed swiftness of combat of 4e may mean it only takes five seconds to roll a critical hit, but it takes a good five minutes to work out the damage from the resultant hit. And still he only deals 99 damage! Where are the three digit hits, Adran?

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