Rather More Fantastic

'Can I fire my bow from prone?'

'You can do almost anything from prone, except move your normal speed.'

'Okay, it's just that you couldn't fire a bow from prone in 3.5e, which seems somewhat more realistic.'

'I think it says a lot about 4e that it has taken away the 'realism' of 3.5e.'

4 Responses to “Rather More Fantastic”

  1. SmakenDahed Says:

    Realism has little place in fantasy. I get enough realism every day, thank you.


    I always giggle at 'realism'. While I understand some people prefer it and I'll live with that, I'd rather not have to worry about mundane stuff in my games.

  2. Elf Says:

    Yes, realism can become cumbersome and cannot really be used as a reference in games with magic and fantasy. Despite relishing the escapism, there occasionally comes a point when you take a step back and wonder how a certain ability can possibly be justified, though.

    Most of the time, we are happy to ignore realism in favour of being cool or awesome.

  3. Callan S. Says:

    When you start skipping peoples turns in RL in order to be realistic, you've sort of started sacrificing real peoples game time at the alter of realism.

    People first, realism second (or even third place if there's something else you want at second place)

  4. Elf Says:

    As a player who spent part of two sessions 'stunned' and missing my turn completely, I agree. It may be interesting to see how other people play their characters and affect the combat, but when I have nothing to do for ten minutes I feel like I should bring a book to read to pass the time.