You Don't Have to Retreat, But You Can't Stay Here

Finally, Baldran is subdued. Using the magic nose, Lughar chooses not to make the final blow lethal, knocking him unconscious instead. We revive him and start to negotiate for his assistance in the ritual, after proving our power to defeat him, but our fight has caught the attention of guards from the citadel, who are now moving to the square we are in.

Rather than face more resistance, and perhaps reveal our identities to the boss earlier than desired, we withdraw for now to return to this negotiation a little later, when the fuss has abated. 'We retreat in that direction', away from the approaching guards.

'And Adran retreats in the other direction.'

'I'm not retreating anywhere!' Oh, even better.

'Okay, Adran stays here to deal with the guards alone', and we go off and sensibly hide. But apparently Adran was quibbling over terms, wanting to make a 'tactical withdrawal' and not a 'retreat'. I remain unconvinced that the right time to argue semantic differences is when armed guards are rushing to the scene of a bloody fight.

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