Capturing an Assassin

Whilst fumbling around trying to find clues about Left Hand's disappearance we stumble on a plot to assassinate Red Beak, a general who came to town as part of scholar Lao Li's procession. The fight to protect the general is bloody but we prevail.

'We should find out who the attackers are and who they work for', suspicions rising of a larger plot about to unfold before us.

Cheng Nenfa wonders 'are they any still alive?', as well he might, having cut down most of them quite ruthlessly.

'There is one', I point out, 'as you pulled your final blow on him. The others you ran through in cold blood'.

Kwai Chen Tai is happy with that. 'You don't want too many alive to torture.'


'Talk to. You must have misheard me.' The bloody assassin is carried off to a quiet building for the interrogation to begin, whilst Yuen Shu-Lin and myself take Fung Xe to a doctor to see to the near-fatal wounds he sustained in the fight.

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