Um, it's Occupied

As Dariel gets bloodied, Matthias and Xerxes go exploring around the Alabaster Court, looking for anything peculiar. Xerxes is thinking ahead and wants to know on what pretence they are wandering the halls and corridors, in case they are spotted. 'We'll hit them with clubs', is Matthias's curious response.

'That doesn't really answer the question I asked. And, even then, it's akin to the 'excuse me, miester' approach.'

'Okay', considers Matthias, 'we're looking for the toilet'. It's as good excuse as any, and quite plausible, so the pair of them head off to snoop around, splitting up to cover more ground.

They find meditation rooms, a holovid room, storage bays, the kitchens, sleeping quarters, but nothing suspicious. Indeed, there don't even appear to be any locked doors. Each one they try, although not many in total, all open freely.

After a short while they both make a circuit and arrive back where they start, with one corridor remaining to be explored. At the end of the corridor and up some stairs is a single door, a door that is the first to be locked, Matthias finding out as he jiggles the handle. Curious to see what could be behind the sole locked door in the building, he tries bypassing it with his security skills, but fails. The pair head back downstairs, where the duel is winding down, signalling an end to their time to root around.

'You know', Matthias muses, 'we never actually found a toilet. All these rooms, and no toilets. That's a bit peculiar'.

'Hey, what about that locked door? Maybe that was the toilet', points out Xerxes, 'and we did find it'.

'If we did, I rudely jiggled the handle when someone was using it.'

'You not only jiggled the handle, you tried to jimmy the lock.' Maybe it was good that he failed to get in.

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