Getting Tooled Up

Minding our own business, a squad of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers arrive. As imposing as they look, Dariel puts it in to perspective. 'We've no worries about being shot', he murmurs, referring to their notorious aiming abilities. Luckily, they aren't here to shoot us, instead informing us that our services are required.

A quick shuttle trip in to orbit and we are docking with a seriously impressive military cruiser. Our briefing is then held with a seriously impressive Deathwatch space marine. For some reason Mordecai keeps thinking 'we could have him', although I'm not sure why we'd want to.

A space hulk has been spotted. It's not just in the system but headed directly for the planet, a circumstance that has never been recorded before. Normally it would simply be destroyed, but there are intriguing signals being emitted from within the hulk that suggest an ancient inquisitor may be found there. We have fifteen minutes to get to the hulk, determine the source of the signals, and leave again before it is blown out of the sky to prevent its devastating the planet.

'Fifteen minutes?!'

Fifteen hours, and at least we're paying attention. The good news is that the space marine will be accompanying us, which at least gives us a pilot. The better news is that we have as much military equipment and weapons at our disposal as we can carry, although we will probably have to give it back if we return.

Armed to the gills, we board our drop ship and head towards the space hulk codenamed Twilight, unsure quite what to expect when we board her.

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