Acolytes With Guns Are Dangerous

Pushing deeper in to the space hulk briefly separates us from Brother Sergeant Agamorr, our Death Watch Space Marine guardian. His hulking size, exaggerated by power armour, keeps him on the other side of a rather small door whilst we scout ahead. Brother Sergeant could bash his way in, but we'd rather not attract too much attention to ourselves until we know what we're facing.

What we're facing turns out to be a piratical Eldar, thankfully without any warp beasts, but a psychic grenade still manages to spook our psyker in to running scared. I ready my twin chain axes, only moving between cover to start with to give my companion acolytes the chance to unload their guns in to the Eldar before I get in their way, I still wanted to watch since I was curious to see how far does a 9mm bullet travel before it drops.

Matthias takes aim with his bolt pistol and squeezes the trigger. Despite the undisputed power of bolt weapons and the devastation they can cause, even Matthias wasn't expecting a single shot to rip through the target, punching a hole in the Eldar's face where his nose used to be, ripping off an arm, and sliding the tattered corpse backwards on a film of its own blood.

As Matthias tries to understand the power he holds in his hand, Dariel casually walks up to look at the broken Eldar body, autocannon barrel smoking from being fired on full automatic seconds ago, about the same time as Matthias fired. Dariel let loose ten rounds and scored seven hits, the final three slamming in to only a corpse. Bolt pistols may not be quite so scary as we imagined, but this remains a lesson in taking care when facing automatic weapons.

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