Rest in Peace, Agamemnon

Not long after facing the piratical Eldar we encounter a couple more warp beasts. Those of us who aren't feared in to fleeing make quick work of the doggies, as they appear at sufficient distance for guns to rip through them before they close to biting range. A few dozen warp beasts apparently nearby take exception to our treatment of their brethren, though, and a wave of them flows towards us in a way that only plot points can.

Our Deathwatch Space Marine guardian orders us down a side corridor as he stands his ground, pulling up the elaborately decorated bolt pistol he used to great effect against the previous two beasts, and which Matthias had his eyes on. As we pelt down the corridor, obviously leaving the Brother Sergeant in his final stand, Matthias can't help but think of the loss. 'No, not the bolt pistol, I wanted that!'

'This is his heroic death', chastises Dariel, 'don't mock Agadoo'.

'We're not mocking him, you are.'

'I'm not mocking him! How can you say that?'

'You don't even remember his name.'

'Oh. What is his name?'

'Well, it's not 'Agadoo'.' And so the Deathwatch Space Marine will be remembered for his selfless actions in service to the Inquisition, but perhaps not as Brother Sergeant Agamorr.

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