We Weren't Expecting That

'Drop your weapons and no one will be hurt!', shouts Matthias towards the unidentifed but on fire figures in front of us.

'We surrender!' The only person of the four not engulfed in flames is clearly intimidated by my keen senses and rather vicious flamer, but perhaps not finding Matthias's sense of humour to be appropriate right now.

The tech-priest, as it turns out he is, also doesn't take kindly to my command to 'throw down your arm!', but it's always going to be a tough crowd when you've set them on fire.

Hang on, a tech-priest? Once we put out the flaming bodies, one of them unfortunately extinguishing naturally after exhausting the combustible flesh on the victim, we find out what the four of them are doing here. 'We're with the Inquisition', says the leader, 'we've been sent here to recover the Luminous Reproach.' Oops.

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