Decisive Inaction

The fight's not quite going in our favour. It becomes apparent that an invisible cleric is wandering around when injured and knocked-unconscious tieflings clamber back to their feet to engage us again. It becomes more apparent when his invisibility spell drops during his casting of burning hands, hitting three of our party standing conveniently in a doorway. Inside the room, myself and Ganelon are getting overwhelmed by superior numbers, and even a potion of cure moderate wounds doesn't offer much solace, healing only five points of damage from me.

A couple of good hits from the paladin looks like it may turn the tide, taking down the sorceror and cleaving in to a second tiefling, and now that the cleric is visible he can be targeted and prevented from being quite so disruptive. Even so, it looks like we'll need decisive action in order to prevail, something a little more effective than Skelra tossing a lit candle at yet another skeletal wolf.

Still, Skelra only threw the candle as it seemed more effective than dropping it, and he needed to get his hands free so that he could wield his crossbow again, but it was still vaguely comedic. 'Afutavere', the GM starts, 'can you do better than throwing a candle at a prone skeletal wolf?' Our elf ponders his position as the GM adds, perhaps a little unfairly, 'and I'm not holding out much hope'.

Afutavere surveys our situation and considers his options. He sees Ganelon only just coping with the number of tieflings around him, and me having backed away to drink my potentially life-saving potion. He knows just what to do. 'I shall delay.'

'So that's a 'no'.'

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