Following the Plot

The tieflings are defeated. Somehow we have eradicated the threat of the Bastards of Erebus. Even more unlikely, we all survive to tell about it. But there is still much more to achieve before the city is safe and free from evil, and after a short recuperation period we are gathered together again with the leaders of the freedom movement. With them is a mysterious figure, introduced to us as a pathfinder.

The pathfinder wants to explore a lodge that has been sealed, called Delvehaven, but is prevented from doing so herself for reasons that don't make too much sense. She hopes that we will go in her stead, so that we can be blamed and she can have an excuse to go in after us. It's a neat ruse, and she even thinks she can lure us in to agreeing because the sealing of the lodge coincided with the appearance of the shadowbeasts. 'If you uncover the mystery of the lodge with me, maybe you can rid the town of the shadowbeasts.'

Brennan is intrigued. 'It beats my plan, which was to wait until I can cast continual light spells.'

'That wouldn't get rid of them', the pathfinder says, 'as they are only repelled from the light, not actually stopped'. So Brennan's plan is more of a shadowbeast leaf-blower than a plan, merely forcing the creatures to be someone else's problem. 'They may get a bit tetchy, more than actually get rid of them.'

And as if sensing that the pathfinder isn't really digging down in to the real absurdities of Brennan's plan he goes ahead and helps the thought processes along. 'Actually, the citizens may get a bit tetchy, when it's never dark and they are trying to get to sleep.'

There are undoubtedly other problems with the plan to cast continual light spells, but rather than try to enumerate them all we are maybe better served by heading to Delvehaven after all.

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