Initiative Disorder

It's been the longest readied action in history, but finally Afutavere's bow fires in to the tieflings approaching us from around the corner. At least, I think that's what has everyone else running in that direction whilst I block this hole in the ceiling from skeletal dog encroachment with my head. It's a good enough tactic, being a monk meaning that any part of my body is a weapon and not just a chew toy, and soon enough I am making my way back up the corridor too, to join the main encounter.

Our first task is to get everyone on the same initiative order. This isn't what you would call vital, or even necessary, but as the GM on the return from our break has announced that, thanks to various monkeying around with readied and delayed actions, we are on initiatives 13-plus-plus, 13-plus, 13-plus-minus, 12-plus-plus, 12-plus, and 12-plus-minus, it seems we may be able to win this combat on a technical knock-out.

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