Slower Than a Mendicant

I never seem to learn. I see a hole, I poke my head through it. Even if the hole is in a tiny room behind a boarded-up door in a crypt beneath a church, I can't resist taking a look. And for my troubles an insect grub bites in to my eyeball, latching on to me and not wanting to let go as it sucks my juices.

Unfortunately, it's not just an insect larva, but a nasty rot grub. Thankfully, the rot grub is not that strong, and as the hole I poked my head through is in the ceiling and I am now flailing my arms like a scared schoolgirl we both drop down in to the room below. Yes, we may both be squeezed in to the same square but at least the other party members can help me attack it. If they want to.

'Let's give it another round to grapple, I want to see if a rot grub can pin the monk.' Brennan may be looking on rightfully amused but Skelra is keen to try a new spell, summoning a creature to provide assistance. Unfortunately, the creature is an eagle, which he summons in the hole just above my head, in a room where we are already squeezed.

With nowhere else to go, and needing lots of room in order for it to be able to fly, the eagle can do little more than crash down on to my head, lamenting 'oh woe is me, summoned like a swarm of bats in to a web, trapped and helpless. Will my summoner please cast colour spray to put me out of misery?'

That's a rather dramatic eagle. At least he knocked the rot grub off me, stopping it from draining my strength any more, and letting me squish it under my foot to end the pointless combat. We leave the room behind us and explore further down the crypt's passageway.

Ah-ha, another hole in a ceiling, this one will be okay to look through! Or maybe there are a couple of skeletal hounds waiting to chew on my head like a squeaky toy. I never seem to learn.

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