Showing His Bumbling Side

Auditions for the play are decided, roles are not. We may be adventurers and eminently suitable, as well as dressed and equipped, to take on the combat roles, but we are still required to read our lines well. We are all taken to the stage, where we meet an old friend of mine, Thressing Umbero Ulvano already been given the completely non-combat lead, and are tested for our suitability for each speaking role.

A few parts are handed out, based on how well we can attack flying monkeys, or take a rock to the head, although I think we were supposed to dodge the rock. Naturally, our mage gets the role of a ranger-type, our ranger gets the role of the mage, based on their respective skills in archery. The director still needs to cast a bumbling, comic-relief paladin part.

'Sir, might I suggest our own bumbling, comic-relief paladin for that part?' It is difficult to tell who said this first, as it seems all but the paladin spoke at the same time.

'I'm not bumbling!' Clearly it is the paladin replying.

'But he most certainly is comic-relief.'

'No I'm not a pala— No, wait, that didn't come out right!'

'It's too late, the truth is out!' And it doesn't really matter that our paladin is confirmed as not-a-paladin, as other party members are already playing against type. I'm even cast in the leading lady role!

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