Warming-up the Vocal Chords

We are become actors! That's the plan, and it works quite well. At least, as well as can be expected for a rather contrived series of events to get us a key by finding a container that is held by the mayor which opens a magical seal to get us in to a pathfinder lodge so that a pathfinder then has an excuse to get in to that lodge. And, yes, we achieve this by becoming actors. But being adventurers actually helps us in this effort to tread the boards.

Apparently the play, not staged in its intended way for decades, involves terribly realistic combat. That is to say, actual combat. It sounds a little macabre, but it draws a crowd. Bums on seats, laddie, bums on seats. What it doesn't draw are many actors willing to take the violent roles. Even if there are no scripted deaths accidents occur, particularly when actors are swinging real and very sharp or heavy weapons around that they are not trained to use, and particularly when those actors are mainly chosen for the parts because no respected or talented actor would take them.

Our adventuring skills place us head-and-shoulders above all others stupid or desperate enough to be auditioning, even if we are more like the Time Bandits most of the time. Never the less, we have to audition too, and Brennan wants to make sure our plan goes to, well, plan. 'For my audition, I shall do 'perform (oratory)'.'

I think we all know what that means. The rest of us politely exit the director's room as Brennan sidles up to the casting couch.

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