Acting Competently Works on the Stage

The next trial in the play involves birthing devils from eggs, which sounds about as pleasant as it actually is. Each of us eats an egg from which a devil spews forth, prompting a fortitude save from everyone.

'Is a 9 a fail?' asks Brennan optimistically, but knowing the answer.


'Is a 6?', I also ask, hoping that some peculiar maths is in play here. Of course, there isn't.


'How about a 6?' Afutavere asks, trying to be cute and failing.

The GM sighs. 'You explode.'

Meanwhile, the paladin's 'eminently failable' saving throws result in Ganelon getting a roll of 28, tempting the GM to artificially increase the difficulty to kill him anyway, if only Skelra hadn't passed the save too.

The devil spawn take shape and start attacking us, not so unprofessional as to miss their cue. Some of us are nauseated and can't fight back whilst we cast involuntary colour sprays on to the stage, but we soon regain control of our systems and get back in to character.

Afutavere, elven ranger, attempts to better mimic the wizard he's playing by 'casting' fireball. He draws a flask of alchemist's fire and tosses it towards the devil attacking him, the effect enhanced with the assistance of a backstage illusionist. A burst of flame encapsulates the devil who, being a devil, completely ignores the fire. Our paladin, however, standing next to the devil and caught in the splash takes some damage from singed feet and shins.

Undeterred, Ganelon continues to fight his own devil spawn. 'I shall do another bumbling, comic-relief attack!' he announces, finally admitting what the rest of us have known for a while.

Brennan's not too thrilled, though. 'Why don't you try a competent attack?'

'Okay, I'll try a competent attack.' And with that the paladin's weapon smashes down on the devil, striking a solid hit. So powerful is the attack that he cleaves through to strike a second devil, his weapon finding a vulnerable spot to score a critical hit, slicing right through the devil and slaying it.

'See? You should have done that in the first place.'

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