Dog Fight

More dogs attack! The paladin charges in, slicing in to one of the dogs with his sword and cleaving with his mighty blow in to a second. The vicious hell dogs bite and tear at the paladin's legs, pulling him down to the ground. 'I'll just attack from prone, then', he sighs.

'Is being prone the worst status effect?', I ask. But before he can answer, Afutavere steps up, draws his bow, and does another rabbit shot, slaying one of the dogs. The elf is pretty happy with the result and does a happy dance. 'Um, you shot a wounded dog.'

Afutavere gets a bit quieter. 'Don't say it like that', he says, feeling a little guilty, 'that doesn't sound very ranger-like'. Actually, I just mean that finishing off an animal already badly hurt by our paladin probably isn't worth doing a dance about. But his guilt disappears when Skelra casts colour spray on the dogs and, finding they have spell resistance, realises the creatures must be outsiders and not natural.

Ganelon gets caught in the colour spray, but only accidentally, as he just happens to be sprawled on the ground between the dogs and our wizard. But being in the way means he has to make a saving throw or see pretty colours. 'This is eminently failable', he says, although I remember him saying something similar about his supposedly pitiful saving throw which makes me question what his modifier is. '+8.'

'+8?! At 3rd level?! That is not eminently failable, you big girl's blouse.' Surprisingly enough, Ganelon is unaffected by the colour spray.

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