Corridors are Confusing

'I suppose we'd better follow where his tongue leads us.'

'You don't hear that very often.' Quite, but I'm hoping to make it our catchphrase, even if it means sticking my tongue on every secret door or portal to hell we come across. It shouldn't be too difficult, as I seem to have some practice with licking items I shouldn't.

The other members of the party, except rearguard Skelra, cross dimensions through the mirror-like object and join me in a corridor. The corpse of an elf lies a few feet away, slumped on the floor. 'Is the mayor an elf?', Brennan asks.

'No, human.'

'Then it's not his son.'

'I dunno, his son is meant to be deformed. Ha ha ha!' I'm such a wit, but we are soon reminded that the mayor's 'son' is probably little more than a cover for earlier untoward events, and probably doesn't himself exist. We examine the body and make sure he's really dead before rifling through his possessions.

The corpse has a lot of interesting spell components on him, mostly necromantic-based, as well as a handful of scrolls of necromantic spells, all found in a handy haversack (unbranded). What a time for our mage to be left in the room behind us—Wales—and our faux-good paladin to uncover this necromantic stash. It's all we can do to stop him from burning the scrolls. We need to distract him with something.

Walking down to the end of the corridor has a huge set of doors open to reveal three branches leading off in different directions. One goes to the right, one off at an angle, and the other directly ahead continues the corridor. A little peaking down the branches shows them all probably meeting up to form large triangles. It's all a bit overwhelming for the weaker minded of us, Ganelon wondering aloud 'does anyone know where we are?'

'Yes', says Brennan, 'we walked through a door and down a straight corridor'. When he puts it like that, or even a casual glance at the map drawn in front of us, it all seems so easy. At least the paladin has forgotten about the necromantic scrolls. Well, he has done so partly because of this distinctly Euclidean space and partly because of the large pig-like creatures with vicious quills that are bearing down on us and howling so loudly our ears are ringing.

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