Stealing Glory and Snicking Quills

Howlers! They howl, hurting anyone with ears, and they have sharp quills that damage anyone engaged in melee combat. That's pretty much all of us. We have little option but to engage them in melee combat, though, and have to slog it out one-on-one.

Afutavere has some advantage in being able to bow the first howler, attacking from range and not getting hurt by the quills, but it lets Ganelon swoop in and steal the kill with one lucky hit. Our paladin, apparently now more comfortable with the simple arrangement of corridors, then moves around and behind the second howler. Brennan's been fighting toe-to-toe with this beast, hitting it for plenty of damage already, but once again Ganelon delivers the killing blow with his first hit.

I'm fighting the third howler, cautiously attacking to keep my defences strong. As Ganelon kills the second it frees Brennan's action to come and help me, which gets the paladin a little concerned. 'Hey, are you trying to steal my glory stealing?' Either way, the third beast drops and the howling stops. Well, almost stops, Afutavere's foot-long ears can't help but resonate a few minutes longer, subjecting our elf to more wisdom damage.

The damage is clearly affecting the elf's senses. 'I'll take a couple of quills as mementos of the fight', he says, the rest of us struck stupid by his suggestion to actually try to stop him.

'Make a reflex save', says the GM.

'But they're dead', Afutavere says.

'And the quills are still surrounded by other quills.'

His wisdom may be reduced, but the elf's dexterity remains high, and he is able to snick a couple of quills out from the howler's hide without stabbing himself with any others. Not much is said about how he wants to keep hold of them, though. I hope he doesn't simply shove them in a to a pocket.

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