Out For Blood

We have three more fears to face, but after fighting fire we can't quite remember what the others are. Something to do with spiders, snakes, and maybe public speaking. We wander down the stairs to the auditorium to get the speech out of the way first only to see wicker cages suspended above us that stir with life. Stirges fly down and attack!

Ah, right, this is us facing our fear of blood. I don't think we'll have a problem, we've seen plenty of our own blood so far. The first stirge swoops down and latches itself firmly on to Skelra and starts to suck his blood. All in one swing, Ganelon takes a swipe at a stirge in mid-air to slice it in two and cleaves downwards aiming for the tiny winged beast on Skelra.

Skelra freezes in panic as our paladin swings at him. 'What's wrong? You always said that you were going to die to the paladin once we reached 5th level.'

'Yes, but I was expecting him to cast detect evil first.' Luckily, Ganelon is assuming everything around him is evil to save time, and his morning star unerringly finds the stirge on the necromancer, leaving behind just the legs and proboscis of the blood-sucker.

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