No Fear of Fire

The tiefling is defeated. But only after his short sword strikes Ganelon and the paladin's eminently failable fortitude saving throw actually fails, thanks to a roll of a natural 1, causing the rest of the party to cheer with sympathy; and the elf's cat companion gets a full-round attack on the tiefling, striking with claws, claws, and a bite against a flanked and prone target. Needing only 6s to hit, the impressive rolls of 6, 1, and 1 end up barely grazing the tiefling, which is what you get when a ranger teaches the companion animal.

But the tiefling is defeated and we move on through the rooms, until we manage to bypass the simple corridor we could have walked down instead of the complex rooms of magically shifting doors populated with monsters. We dodged a bullet there.

Entering the room has a voice tell us we need to face our fears, which sounds like fun. Brennan picks the first of four rooms to enter, the rest of us follow. Skelra and I know that we are about to face a fiery challenge, as only we can read the infernal sign, so let the rest of the party know too.

As we enter the room a bunch of candles flare up and blind Brennan before some fire elementals, probably, appear. We aren't entirely sure what they are, as Brennan is the fellow with the knowledge skills, but they look fiery and elementalish.

'I have knowledge–history. Have we fought them before?'

'That's not how history works.' Oh well. But never mind, Brennan's blinding is temporary and he identifies them quickly enough, although common sense has told us not to try to put our tongues on them.

Three elementals are reduced to ashes efficiently, leaving the last remaining elemental a choice of targets now surrounding it. 'This one will attack...', says the GM, assessing the situation, 'the paladin, because the mage isn't here now.'

'That's not fair!', says the paladin. 'If I leave the room, will it go for someone else?'

'If you leave the room', I say, 'I'm getting the evil, intelligent glaive out of the handy haversack (unbranded) and having a go at you myself'. That weapon will be a bone of contention for a little while longer, but it keeps the paladin present for the failed attack.

The last fire elemental is extinguished, leaving us three more fears to face.

One Response to “No Fear of Fire”

  1. Ninja Says:

    The elementals were ineffective enough that Jim probably could have put his tongue on them.