Dire Bear Swarm

The fourth and final room of phobias has a ceiling covered with webs.

'Spiders!', says Ganelon.

'No, bats!', Brennan corrects him.

No, it really is spiders. The webs start rattling and...

'The web's are rattling?', says Ganelon.

'Yes. Do you have a problem with that?' Thinking back to the snake room, Ganelon decides he's okay with rattling webs, and a swarm of spiders drops down from the ceiling. Or, rather, a dire bear does.

'Yes, I've gone a bit Grahamy', the GM says, referring to a departed member of the group who had a habit of reaching for the first miniature to come to hand from the box, rather than a representative miniature, leading to some interesting encounters with badgers when we were fighting bugbears. The replacement miniature this time is even more apropos because of Graham's fondness for playing druids that could shape-shift in to dire bears. Even so, the hunt for the correct miniature continues, as we know we have a spider swarm somewhere. Not that having the right miniature stopped Graham.

Ah, the spider swarm is found and replaces the dire bear, much to our disappointment. We're not disappointed at the increased verisimilitude of having the right miniature, more that we are better equipped to fight a dire bear than a swarm of anything.

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