And Don't Whistle Nonchalantly

My door's broken in! There also seems to be a copper standing next to it, and as Brennan, Ganelon, and I are walking back there to meet up with Skelra and Afutavere I am keen to find out what's gone wrong. I'm stopped short, however, by what looks like a homunculus of Skelra, jigging around silently and apparently urging us to stop. It looks like something has gone wrong with opening the Chelish Crux.

We stop in the middle of the street and weigh up our options, as the bizarre little illusion continues to amuse and disgust us in equal portions. And not just us, as the attention of the guard on what was once the door is caught by the unusual sight. 'Careful, chaps, we may be under some scrutiny. Act casual.'

'But not too casual?' asks Ganelon.

'What? No. No! Act as casual as you possibly can. Why would you ask that? What a question.' Thankfully, everyone manages to be casual enough for the guard not to want to come over, giving Skelra time to come across from the other end of the street to give us a proper warning, as well as the glorious tale of the elf's death. We wander off casually to hear more about it over a drink.

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