Elf Defenestration

The screaming demon head has somehow drawn some unwanted attention. The city authorities bang on my door demanding to be let in. Only Skelra and a rather absent-looking Afutavere are inside the house, and an intelligent wizard and charismatic elf should be able to talk their way out of a simple dilemma that, once the Chelish Crux is closed, has no obvious physical evidence.

But, no. Skelra at least has the sense to collapse the Crux, but what he considers to be the most suitable course of action to take is to turn invisible, leaving nothing for the authorities to find at all. That is, once they break my door down and force their way in.

Oh, except for the elf. Afutavere isn't affected by the personal invisibility spell, and as the character isn't all here talking his way out of trouble doesn't seem fair. Skelra is left with little option but to get Afutavere to jump out of the window to make his escape. Sadly, the elf was really quite badly wounded after the failed attempts to open the Chelish Crux, and jumping from a first floor window drops him from four to negative hit points.

The authorities find our elf bleeding to death in the alley behind my house, the GM apparently overruling my own description of the mountain lake and jetty complete with powerboat as being my normal view. That's okay, as the elf couldn't have used the powerboat to escape anyway, not quite surviving the jump. And, despite the dubious decisions of our wizard, at least bleeding to death in police custody makes a change from the obvious mummy rot that a missing player normally returns to.

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